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New Rice Faculty Open Access Book Released with Library Support

A new book co-edited by Rice anthropology professor Cymene Howe has been published Open Access (OA) with support from Fondren Library.

Anthropocene Unseen: A Lexicon, co-edited by Associate Professor of Anthropology Cymene Howe and Anand Pandian of Johns Hopkins University, was released this month from punctum books. The volume brings together writings and art on 86 keywords with special relevance for the Anthropocene, our present era when humans have an evident and increasingly damaging effect upon the planet.

Thanks to subvention funding from Fondren Library, this book has been published under a Creative Commons license and is free to download in PDF format.

You can access it through


Fondren Library continues to offer subventions for Rice faculty members to publish their new books in Open Access format. Through the TOME initiative, Fondren can partner with many university presses to release electronic OA versions of books simultaneously with the print versions, thereby widening access to Rice's scholarship. See guidelines for both our book and article subvention programs at


In 2019, these three Rice faculty-authored OA titles were also funded by Fondren Library and published by Duke University Press:

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Access the Houston Post Historical Archive

Fondren Library recently purchased the Houston Post Historical Archive.  Our purchase is being used as seed money to finance the digitization of the Houston Post.   The digitization process has started and we now have access to portions of the newspaper from 1886 - 1944.  The digitization is ongoing so keep on checking back for more years.

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Oxford Bibliographies Online - Several Subject Areas

Every Oxford Bibliographies article gives expert overviews and lists of handpicked, annotated sources for further study. This resource is one of the best ways to efficiently get an expert’s perspective on the scholarly literature around a subject.


Fondren currently provides access to the following Oxford Bibliographies modules, constituting hundreds of bibliographic articles:


African Studies


American Literature



Art History


Atlantic History


British and Irish Literature






Environmental Science


Evolutionary Biology




Latin American Studies


Medieval Studies






Political Science






And currently on trial: Management!


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Cherry Reading Series - Chang and Collier