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Provides research assistance and instruction in the use of library resources.

NEW TRIAL: Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection

The Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection brings together global scholarly journals and other key resources, providing access to reliable information in this continuously evolving area of study. The collection helps researchers locate precise results from sources ranging from current news to professional and academic journal articles covering the trends and history influencing important accounting, tax, banking, and financial issues of the day.

Trial Ends August 31, 2017 - Please send comments about the database to

Access ProQuest Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection


Unlimited Access to The New York Times

Dear Rice faculty and staff,


The Student Association has been working with Dean Hutchinson, VP Kathy Collins, and University Librarian Sara Lowman to give Rice students direct electronic access to the New York Times. It turned out that the cost to extend the contract to employees as well as students was economical.  We are happy to announce that as a result of these efforts, a pilot is in place for the coming year to provide unlimited access to the NYT website to all current faculty, staff and students. We are also exploring the availability of similar opportunities with other newspapers.


Information on how to set up your access to the New York Times website may be found at


Please keep in mind that Fondren offers access to the articles from hundreds of newspapers and other news sources. Fondren provides a guide to both print and online newspapers made available through the library, which can be found at


If you have access issues or other questions, please contact Fondren Library at, which is monitored by our electronic resources team.

New Citation Report Formats from Web of Science

Web of Science ( is updating the format and functions of the citation reporting in June 2017.  Watch this brief video (  for the details of the upcoming change.

Winners of the Creative Writing Contest


Alison Liu, Jasmine Lin, Erica Cheung

Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Fondren Library Undergraduate Creative Writing Awards! Over 50 students competed for $1000 prizes in poetry, nonfiction and fiction.

The Susan Wood Prize in Poetry: Erica Cheung

Erica Cheung’s poetry demonstrates a skill with description that renders with great nuance the scenes from life and images born from the imagination. Not only are the contours of the lived-in world brought into focus, but the shapes a life takes as the result of family, culture, and history also are brought into sharp relief by her poems. Erica brings to her descriptions a gift for inventive phrasing and a powerful wit.

The Max Apple Prize in Nonfiction: Jasmine Lin

In this brief but powerful essay, Jasmine Lin combines keen lyricism with hard-won wisdom. Her prose soars, her observations sear, her grief becomes our own. In a world where love often feels like a scarcity, “Exiles” teaches us a lesson we all know but do not understand until it is too late: that those who love us best often teach us how to best love ourselves. This is a remarkable essay by a remarkable writer.

The Larry McMurtry Prize in Fiction: Alison Liu

There are many worthy submissions and all of the judges were deeply impressed by the breadth of voices and the spirit of innovation. In terms of narrative invention, Alison Liu's short short fiction soars off the page. Her lyricism, narrative ambition and emotional daring are breathtaking.


Distinguished Faculty Fellow Justin Cronin, Professor Paul Otremba,  Alison Liu, Jasmine Lin, Professor Amber Dermont, Erica Cheung,  Professor Lacy Johnson, Professor Ian Schimmel

Left to right: Distinguished Faculty Fellow Justin Cronin, Professor Paul Otremba, Alison Liu, Jasmine Lin, Professor Amber Dermont, Erica Cheung, Professor Lacy Johnson, Professor Ian Schimmel

Justin Cronin & Lacy Johnson - April 20, 4pm - Rice Chapel

Justin Cronin & Lacy Johnson - April 20, 4pm - Rice Chapel

Database Trial - Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals

RIPM was established to provide access to eighteenth-, nineteenth- and twentieth-century periodical literature dealing with music and to facilitate and encourage research based on this often neglected documentary resource. While the importance of this immense body of literature has long been recognized by the musicological community, RIPM represents the first effort to undertake and to coordinate retrospective periodical indexing on an international scale.

Trial Expires May 10, 2017

Access RIPM

Poetry Reading - Thursday, March 2nd at 4:30pm

Fondren 101 - Learn the Library - Tour

The library is. . . a place, with quiet spaces, software, equipment, books, and expert help.

It’s also an incredible resource of digital information, literature, art, music, science and history.

Learn your way around with Fondren 101. It’s a tour, followed by a short class to show you where to go and how to look in the library. It’s your Fondren Library orientation. 

Classes will meet in the Quad (East) entrance area of Fondren Library. Each session, including tour and classroom time, will last about 75 minutes.

Fondren Study Breaks - April 24, 25, 26, 27

  • Tuesday April 24 at 7pm - Coffee and snacks study break
  • Wednesday, April 25 at 5pm - Therapy Pets
  • Thursday, April 26 at 5pm - Therapy Pets
  • Friday, April 27 at 3pm - Therapy Pets

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