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Data and Donuts - Workshop Series

This free workshop series sponsored by Fondren Library will provide hands-on training in the basics of organizing, documenting and visualizing your data. Come learn and enjoy free donuts!

(Registration is limited to current Rice students, faculty, and staff or Friends of Fondren at the patron level and above. Please see Fondren Library's Short Course Registration Policy.)

Using Excel to Manage and Analyze Data

Monica Rivero

Friday, June 8 [CLASS FULL] OR June 29 (different sessions of the same class)

10-11:30 a.m.

Fondren Collaboration Space

Do you have data that you need to organize or analyze? This short course will cover techniques for organizing, importing, manipulating and summarizing your data using advanced Excel features such as data lists, pivot tables and functions. It will also provide tips for using Excel productively. Use of these Excel features will help you to organize, visualize and gain insights from your data.

How to Manage Your Data [CLASS FULL]

Lisa Spiro and Clinton Heider

Friday, June 15, 10-11 a.m.

Fondren Collaboration Space

Drowning in data? Not sure how to organize and back it up? This hands-on, interactive workshop will share tips for effectively organizing, documenting and storing research data. Participants will walk away with ideas for completing a data management plan, naming and organizing files, and safely storing data.

The Absolute Basics of Jupyter Notebooks

Scott Carlson

Friday, July 6, 10-11 a.m.

Fondren Collaboration Space

Every day, thousands (if not more) programmers, statisticians, data scientists, information professionals, and journalists use Jupyter Notebooks, an open-source web app that presents live code augmented with visualizations and narrative text. Jupyter Notebooks are perfect for teaching coding, or telling an unusual story aided by numbers and graphs. In this short course, we introduce the Juypter setting and present the rock-bottom basics of starting your first Notebook.

Intro to Effective Data Visualization [CLASS FULL]

Anneli Joplin
Friday, July 20, 10 a.m.-11 a.m.

Fondren Collaboration Space

In this workshop we will review current research in visual perception and cognition and relate these concepts to best practices for data visualization. Participants will also have the opportunity to evaluate sample visualizations and apply what they learned during a hands-on visualization exercise.

Introduction to Supercomputing

John Mulligan
Friday, August 3

Fondren Collaboration Space

This brief workshop will introduce you to the basic concepts of supercomputing and walk you through a humanities use-case based on JSTOR data. You will learn the difference between HPC and HTC, how to log into Rice’s supercomputing clusters, how to schedule a job, how to monitor resource usage, and the basics of concepts like message passing and load-balancing.

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