Data @ Rice

Python/R Project – Covid 19 Data Analysis with Python and R

Covid 19 has affected people's lives in many ways all over the world.

In the first part of the workshop, we will use Python libraries such as Pandas and Matplotlib to download, clean, analyze and visualize the coronavirus open dataset from John Hopkins' Github account. In the second part, we will use R libraries such as Tidyverse and ggplot2 to accomplish the same tasks. 

This workshop puts together the skills we learned in the previous Python/R workshops and apply them on real data through the whole data wrangling workflow.

Excel Pivot Tables

Excel pivot tables help you to quickly summarize, report and find patterns in your datasets. This short course will cover how to setup a pivot table from scratch and special techniques to make the most of this feature. The use of Excel Pivot Tables will help you to organize, visualize and gain insights from your data.

Note: This is part II of the Using Excel to Manage and Analyze Data workshops. Part I is not required to attend this class.

Introduction to SQL

So you’ve hand-made a spreadsheet with thousands of entries. You’ve got pivot tables and record lookups and formulas you don’t even remember writing from months back. Excel is freaking out and crashing all the time. It’s time to use a database! In this class, you will learn how to store, retrieve, and link your data in a structured way using SQL. We will use a database hosted on Rice servers and log in together for our exercises.

R visualization with ggplot2

In this class I will give an introductory lesson to the functionality and application of the ggplot2 package in R. The purpose of this class is to add a data visualization component to the data manipulation tools developed in the previous class thereby giving a more comprehensive understanding of data analysis.


Introduction to GitHub

GitHub is a place where millions of developers gather every day to collaborate on open source software. It hosts billions of lines of code. This course will give a step-by-step tutorial for beginners to get started with git and Github. Learn all the important pieces of GitHub that you should know.