Rice University

Climate Group at Baker Institute and the Union of Concerned Scientists in DC

The Baker Institute Climate Group and colleagues from the Union of concerned scientists are organizing a public event structured around an exciting high-level dialogue and information-sharing from experts, including:
− Scientific and health experts who can discuss the climate change risks faced by Texans—which might include, for example, the increasingly frequent and extreme weather events in the state, the potential threat of rising seas, and/or the public health implications of a changing climate.

Workshop for Increasing Openness and Reproducibility in Quantitative Research

There are many actions researchers can take to increase the openness and reproducibility of their work. Please join us for a workshop, hosted by the Center for Open Science , to learn easy, practical steps researchers can take to increase the reproducibility of their work. The workshop will be hands-on. Using example studies, attendees will actively participate in creating a reproducible project from start to finish.