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Residential Colleges

  • Audio-visual materials, 1920-2008 (UA 151)
    • This collection contains videotapes, DVDs, CDs, record albums, cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes and other formats associated with Rice University from the 1920s to 2008. Types of materials include amateur recordings of Rice events, clips from television and radio news broadcasts about Rice-related topics, and professional recordings of Rice events. Formats include record albums, films, magnetic recordings such as videos and audio tapes, and digital recordings including CDs and DVDs.
  • Baker College Masters' records, 1955-2008 (UA 069)
    • Rosters, correspondence files, room assignments, rules and regulations, committee records, fellows records, roommate questionnaires and more, relating to Baker College daily business and special events such as Baker Night and Shakespeare Week, orientation. (37 boxes)
  • Baker College records, 1956-2013 (UA 082)
    • Baker College is one of the five original residential colleges at Rice University. These records consist of records related to college business, social activities, publications, and correspondence. (24 boxes) 
  • Brown College records, 1965-2012 (UA 074)
    • Correspondence, newsclippings, obituaries, minutes, freshman materials, publications, governmental and budget documents as well as other information relating to the general operation of Brown College. (28 boxes)
  • Duncan College records, 2009-2014 (UA 313)
    • Anne and Charles Duncan College is the 11th and newest college at Rice University. These records include O-Week books, photographs, T-Shirts, and a calendar.
  • Hanszen College records, 1956-2015 (UA 072)
    • Hanszen College is one of the four original colleges, which were established to house students. Formats here include Cabinet meeting minutes, correspondence, news clippings, publications, handbooks, brochures and theatrical events programs. (21 boxes) 
  • Jones College records, 1956-2014 (UA 077)
    • Records documenting the daily business of Jones College. 11 boxes ranging in date from 1956-2014.
  • Lovett College records, 1967-2013 (UA 071)
    • Central Committee meeting minutes, college documents, such as the Constitution, Coat-of-Arms, member lists, telephone lists, Treasurer's reports, Masters files, theatrical productions, as well as correspondence, e-mail and news clippings related to Lovett College, the seventh residential college to be built at Rice University. (26 boxes) 
  • Martel College records, 2000-2012 (UA 119)
    • Records documenting the founding of Martel College, 2000 groundbreaking and more. 11 boxes ranging in date from 2000-2014.
  • McMurtry College records, 2010-2012 (UA 309) 
    • Burt and Deedee McMurtry College is the tenth residential college at Rice University. These records contain files related to McMurtry governance and memorabilia.
  • Sid Richardson College records, 1969-2014 (UA 065)
    • Included are Council minutes and other college business, associate and orientation correspondence and documents, social events, dedication and anniversary files, news clippings, publications, and theatrical files as well as miscellaneous correspondence and e-mails. (21 boxes)
  • The Rice Thresher records, 1962-2012, UA 354
    • These records mostly include the photographs and negatives taken by The Rice Thresher's photographers, as well as research and issues pertaining to Rice University's student newspaper.
  • Wiess College records, 1950-2014 (UA 079)
    • Harry Carothers Wiess College is one of eleven residential colleges at Rice University. These records contain files related to Wiess governance, student life, handbooks, memos, constitutions, by-laws and minutes. (45 boxes)
  • Will Rice College records, 1957-2013 (UA 073)
    • Documents, publications, minutes, including constitution and by-laws, as well as correspondence files, news clippings and theatrical information and social activities created and maintained by residents of Will Rice College. Will Rice was opened in 1912 and became one of the men's colleges in 1957. It went co-ed in 1977. (33 boxes)