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Graduate & Faculty Study Carrels

There are three types of carrels:

  • Open carrel - features a locker, desk and shelf space for books
  • Brown Fine Arts carrel - features a desk and shelf space for books
  • Closed Carrel - features an enclosed office, locker, desk and shelf space for books (priority reserved for faculty and graduate dissertation work)

Advantages of a Carrel

  • Library books and research materials will be checked out to the Carrel.
  • Books checked out to your Carrel receive a loan period of one semester.
  • Recalled Carrel books will be pulled from your Carrel by library staff.
  • Having a personal study space in the library, a convenient location for heavy research.


  • Carrels are reserved on a semester basis. Summers are considered their own semester.
  • Carrels are assigned based on availability.
  • Carrel keys/desk assignments may be picked up at the beginning of the semester at the Circulation Desk. Carrels/Desk Assignment keys are the responsibility of the User for the semester. Lost keys will be charged a $10 replacement fee to the User’s account.
  • Carrel keys/desk assignments must be turned in at the end of the semester. If a key is not returned two weeks after the semester has ended, Users will be charged a $10 replacement key fee to their accounts. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Books charged to your Carrel account may not leave Fondren Library.
  • Items checked out to your personal account need to be secured within your Carrel locker.
  • Please do not store food or drinks in your Carrel.
  • Please do not leave electronics unattended in your Carrel.
  • Fondren library is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.
  • Carrel windows are not to be covered from the inside or outside with any type of material. These windows have been treated with a special film which is warrantied by the vendor.
  • Open Carrels are also not to be covered with any type of material from the inside or outside.