Zoom Audio Recorder H4n

Zoom H4N -  Advanced Level Audio Recorder
  • Built-in X/Y stereo mics record at either 90 or 120 degrees
  • Four channel simultaneous recording using built-in and external mics
  • Digitally controlled, high-quality mic preamp for improved audio quality
  • 1.9-inch LCD screen
  • 24bit/96kHz Linear PCM recording

Using ZoomH4n for Audio Interview Recording

Recording music performance and interview.

  • This device can be used as an external  stereo mic when mounted on top of a DSLR or camcorder since the headphone port is also a line out port. When using it as an external mic, you need to have the recorder either in standby mode (i.e. press the rec button once, then the record light flashes) or in rec mode (i.e. press the rec button twice, then the record light is on, the audio is going to be recorded in the Zoom audio recorder as well.)
  • Check out  a Zoom recorder mounting kit  , or a tripod and a Stereo Mini Male to Stereo Mini Male Cable for using the recorder as an external mic for a video camera or a DSLR camera.


  • Protective case
  • Battery charger
  • Stand
  • Windscreen
  • 16 GB memory card
  • USB cable
  • Manual
Available For Checkout to Rice ID Holders at DMC
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