GIS/Data Center (GDC) Short Course

Introduction to GIS (Individual Course)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) enable users to visualize and analyze spatial information in a dynamic digital environment. This short course will introduce students to general GIS concepts and applications. Participants will become familiar with the ArcGIS Pro environment and will gain hands-on experience using ArcGIS Pro to create a GIS project utilizing a variety of data layers.

Introduction to Census Geographies

Learn about all the various geographic units at which the U.S. Census Bureau tabulates data and how to select the most suitable geographic unit based on your research needs and data availability.



  • Legal Boundaries
  • Statistical Boundaries
  • Census boundary update frequency
  • Selecting the most appropriate geographic unit for your work

Mapping Imagery

Learn how to line up images, such as aerial photographs, site plans and diagrams, with other spatial data in ArcGIS (georeferencing).


  • Principles of georeferencing
  • Locating reference GIS data
  • Using the Georeferencing toolbar
  • Selecting control points
  • Finalizing the georeferencing process