Friends of Fondren Library

Our Services

  • Provides resources to purchase materials and equipment for the library and to improve the facility and develop the collection.
  • Sponsors a gifts and memorials program that provides the library purchasing power beyond its university allocations. The library's gift program raises funds for the purchase of otherwise unattainable books, manuscripts, and CDs.
  • Publicizes the library's resources and services as well as acknowledges the generosity of its donors through the News from FondrenPast issues of News from Fondren and the Friends' newsletter, The Flyleaf can be found in the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive.
  • Sponsors programs for the community such as lectures and a special reception honoring Rice authors, editors, artists, and composers.
  • Organizes special fund raising events benefiting the library endowments and programs.

The Friends of Fondren Library, founded in 1950, is dedicated to stimulating growth in library resources and facilities for the 21st century.The Friends seeks to heighten community and alumni interest in Fondren Library and to support academic programs at Rice University by funding library collections and facilities.

To join or renew your membership, please visit the Friends of Fondren Office 9:30 am - 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday, or call us at 713-348-5157 during normal business hours.
713-348-5157 Mary Lowery
713-348-5908 Jana Starr