Consent to Publish Online in Rice University's Institutional Repository

This form facilitates the description of copyright status, any transfer of copyright, and the donor’s preferences regarding online publication in Rice University’s institutional repository, located at, for the archival materials specified in the appendix.

Exhibit A: Description of material to go publicly online

I (we) represent and warrant that I am (we are) the creator or steward of the materials described above; that I (we) have full right, power, and authority to transfer the materials to the University Archives; that no agreement, assignment, sale or encumbrance has been or will be made or entered into which would conflict with this Consent to Publish; and that the information I (we) have provided is accurate. The terms of this Consent to Publish shall apply to all of the Donated Materials described on Exhibit A and on any subsequently delivered Exhibit notwithstanding that some materials may be delivered before or after the date of this Consent to Publish.