Manipulating Data in ArcGIS Series

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Spatial Statistics: Analyzing Spatial Patterns

Learn how to evaluate geographic patterns and identify statistically significant spatial clusters (hot spots) and outliers in your data.


  • Using the following spatial statistics tools:
    • Average Nearest Neighbor
    • Spatial Autocorrelation (Moran's I)
    • Incremental Spatial Autocorrelation
    • ​High/Low Clustering (Getis-Ord General G)
    • Hot Spot Analysis (Getis-Ord Gi*)
    • Optimized Hot Spot Analysis
    • Cluster and Outlier Analysis (Anselin Local Moran's I)

Spatial Statistics: Measuring Geographic Distributions

Learn basic spatial statistics tools in ArcGIS to calculate characteristic values of geographic data, such as the center, compactness, and orientation and observe shifting trends in these statistics over time.


  • Overview of spatial statistics
  • Using the following spatial statistics tools:
    • Central Feature
    • Mean Center
    • Median Center
    • Standard Distance
    • Directional Distribution
    • Linear Directional Mean