Introduction to OpenRefine

OpenRefine is a handy desktop application that can help clean inconsistent data. This session will introduce the program and how it can be used to get an overview of a dataset, resolve inconsistencies, split data into granular parts, and match local data points to external datasets.

Introduction to SQL

So you’ve hand-made a spreadsheet with thousands of entries. You’ve got pivot tables and record lookups and formulas you don’t even remember writing from months back. Excel is freaking out and crashing all the time. It’s time to use a database! In this class, you will learn how to store, retrieve, and link your data in a structured way using SQL. We will use a database hosted on Rice servers and log in together for our exercises.

Introduction to GitHub

GitHub is an incredibly powerful tool for version control management - a must-know skill for developers, researchers, and anyone who uses a command line often in their work. Come learn about the basics of Git and GitHub, access an interactive class repository and make your first pull request!

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