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The Rice Digital Scholarship Archive (RDSA) is Rice's institutional repository, a web site where the university's intellectual output is shared, managed, searched, and preserved.

Rice faculty, graduate students and staff are encouraged to deposit research data in the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive. Rice undergraduates may also deposit materials, typically with the sponsorship of a faculty member.

You can submit your work online through this easy form, or you can email us at and we would be happy to help you upload your dataset one-on-one.

Before submitting your dataset, please consult Sharing Research Data via the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive. Please note that you will be asked to link to a file rather than attach it to the webform.

Provide a general description of your data (e.g. purpose/scope of the study, date created, etc.) More technical details should be submitted as a separate README text.
Additional Information
Please provide any additional information that you think will help process your request. For example, citation to a related article publication.