Sept. 29 at 2pm - Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico


Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico: Why They are Stronger and How to be Ready

Welcome to Houston! Climate-fueled hurricanes are in your future, how should you prepare? Join Dr. Sylvia Dee, Rice Climate Scientist, and Dr. Lizzie Wallace, Rice Postdoctoral Fellow, virtually to hear about why and how climate change is producing more powerful hurricanes. Jerusha Kasch, Rice's Director of Institutional Crisis Management, will provide details about preparing for hurricanes.

Fondren Library's Green Team is excited to be part of Communities Responding to Extreme Weather's (CREW) Climate Prep Week, which runs from Sept. 24-30, 2021. This week is dedicated to learning, service and actions that better prepare our communities for extreme weather events.

Stop by Fondren Library on Monday Sept. 27 or Tuesday Sept. 28 to get more information about preparing for hurricanes and to enter a raffle to win a solar crank radio with a flashlight and cell phone charger!

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Date: Sept. 29, 2021
Time: 2 pm CST
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