Web, Graphics and Others

Zoom Workshop "After Effects: Data Driven Animation with Javascript"

Participants will learn how visualize medium sized data sets. The added component of time will allow participants to convey their data in a different way. Participants will learn:

  • prepping data (converting to JSON so data is readable by After Effects)
  • Basic Javascript commands to get up and running 
  • Creative ways to graph a data set
  • Animating the data set


Introduction to Inkscape

Participants will learn how to use free and open source vector graphics editor "Inkscape". We will go over some basic techniques and concepts for creating simple illustrations useful for presentations and posters.
Topics to be covered:
- Creating curves (Bezier curves)
- Creating simple objects (Circles, stars, rectangles)
- Combining shapes (Boolean operations)
- Tracing raster images"

Zoom Workshop "Advanced Illustrator: Neuron Illustration"

This introductory workshop will cover both beginner and advanced Illustrator techniques. Participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to use custom pattern brushes
  • Create depth with gradient tool
  • Draw biological forms using curves and pathfinder tool
  • Understand grouping, isolation mode and useful shortcuts

Although the artwork is geared towards bioscience, participants of all disciplines are welcome to join!

Zoom Workshop "Introduction to Photoshop (Adobe Creative Cloud)"

This introductory workshop will cover Photoshop basics. Participants will be able to:

  • Familiarize with the Photoshop interface
  • Crop images with crop tool
  • Resize images for web, video, and print
  • Use clone stamp tool, sponge tool, and spot healing brush tool
  • Use quick selection tool and magic wand tool to make selections
  • Understand layers
  • Save a transparent image
  • Add text and change text color