Poster Cost Calculator

Cost = [price of Ink Coverage Class * (width in inch * height in inch)/144] + [price of paper type * height in inch/12]

Select payment type, ink coverage classes, and paper type, input width and height, then click Calculate button. 
Payment TypeEsther Account
 Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT)
Ink Coverage ClassText or line drawing
 < 50% ink coverage
 > 50% ink coverage
Paper Type36" Semi-glossy paper
 60" Semi-glossy paper
 36" Fabric/canvas
 60" Fabric/canvas
Printing Dimensions
Width (inches)
Height (inches)


  1. In the above calculator, the width and height should be the poster dimensions. The poster height is the length of the paper used.
  2. Canvas - foldable and water resistant, doesn't make heavy creases in the folds, can be ironed on low heat. Good for travel. Good for sticking things on in case you find a typo after printing. 100% polyester, recyclable 22 Mil Matte non-woven banner material. 
  3. Semi-gloss paper - color looks great; less reflective, less glare in the light comparing to photo glossy paper.
  4. The DMC stops accepting new poster print requests 20 minutes before closing.
  5. If your poster or photo is smaller than Tabloid size 11"x17", in the interest of time, paper, and cost, please use the high speed printing services offered by the Document Center from the Jones Graduate School of Business. They have gloss photo in Letter size and Tabloid size. They take credit card payment and IDT. Refer to their FY23 Printing Price Sheet for more information.


For student payers with their Esther account

Note: Students can make payments using their Esther account or InterDepartmental Transfer (IDT). Faculty and staff can only make payments using IDT. 

Ink Cost
Ink Coverage ClassPrice/Square Foot
1 (line drawing, text)$1.00
2 (< 50% ink coverage)$1.80
3 (> 50% ink coverage)$2.60  
Paper Cost
Paper Type                   Price/Linear Foot
36" Semi-glossy$1.50
60" Semi-glossy$2.30
36" Canvas$2.30
60" Canvas$4.00 
For interdepartmental transfer payers:
Ink Cost
Ink Coverage ClassPrice/Square Foot
1 (line drawing, text)$0.59
2 (< 50% ink coverage)$1.07
3 (> 50% ink coverage)$1.54 
Paper Cost
Paper Type                   Price/Linear Foot
36" Semi-glossy$0.89
60" Semi-glossy$1.37
36" Canvas$1.37
60" Canvas$2.37  

Alternative Campus Resources:

Mudd Building (Mudd 109/110)

Note: The Mudd Printers have primarily been used by students and students will be charged to their Esther accounts. It is pretty much a self-service. The desk opens 8-5 M-F, probably with 2-3pm for lunch break. After 5pm, students can still send in their print job. However, they can't pick up the poster until next day.  The information was prepared primarily for student use of these plotters. It is not clear how faculty and staff will be charged. You can call Rice help desk at x4357 to get more information.

PaperPrinter ModelPC Queue NameCost per linear foot
roll paper 
(36" x 150')
$3.00/linear foot (plain paper)
roll paper 
(36" x 150')
gplottergplotter$7.00/linear foot (glossy paper only)

Note: Plain paper is very cost effective. Photo glossy paper may introduce glare under light, but color looks great.

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