Prize Winners' Reading of the 7th Annual Fondren Library Undergraduate Creative Writing Awards!

Prize Winners' Reading

Thursday, April 13 at 7:00pm
Humanities 119

The winner of the Susan Wood Prize in Poetry is Sophia Peng, a three-time winner of this prize.
Glenn Shaheen writes: "From an acupuncture clinic to the mazes inside one's own self-doubt, these poems bristle with imagery and the pain we exact on ourselves. The modern world is a mess, but a beautiful mess as we are reminded by these poems. Fantastic work - I'm looking forward to seeing where the future takes this poet!"

The winner of the Larry McMurtry Prize in Fiction is Jacqueline Wu for her story, "The Ghost of Canton".
Christopher Gonzalez writes: "'The Ghost of Canton' is a tender song of a story that touches on grief, intergenerational bonds, and the regrets that haunt us in the face of great loss."

The winner of the Max Apple Prize in Nonfiction is Jacqueline Wu for her piece, "My Mother's Family". 
Natalie Bakopoulos writes: In the narrative span of a moment, “My Mother’s Family” offers a poignant multigenerational snapshot that deftly weaves together ideas of nurture, hardship, and control, all the while exploring what we’re able to reveal and what we yet cannot. There’s an admirable and tender care to this restraint, and I loved the writer’s exploration of strength and identity. The reflection on what we inherit and what we hold, as well as the things we survive and the things we shed, is delicately yet powerfully rendered.

Thank you to everyone who entered, to our wonderful judges, and to Fondren Library for sponsoring these awards!