LSC Mission & Operating Principles


The Library Service Center is designed to shelve infrequently used library materials economically and to extend significantly the useful life of such materials for the Rice University community, while simultaneously improving the browsability of collections on campus.

The following operating and service principles will be observed:


  • The Library Service Center will be managed as an integral part of the Rice University Library, with the specific commitment to delivery timely, reliable and equitable service for the library's community
  • Selection for the Library Service Center will be an on-going responsibility of the collection management staff of the Rice University Library
  • Transfer of materials will be paced to maintain an operationally suitable volume and flow for processing staff
  • The Library Service Center will operate on a Monday through Friday schedule
  • The facility is designed for storage of library materials and is unsuitable for storage of other kinds.

Collection Management

  • The Library Service Center will be used by all library units
  • All formats and media will be accommodated
  • Infrequently-used materials will be shelved at the Library Service Center
  • Materials will be shelved according to size
  • Materials sent to the Library Service Center will be appropriately represented in the Fondren Library online catalog. Under no circumstances will unprocessed materials be housed in the facility.

Preservation Environment

  • The environment will be maintained at 50 degrees fahrenheit and 30 percent relative humidity, which will extend the life of print materials by approx. 275 years
  • Material will be thoroughly cleaned at the Library Service Center before processing
  • Appropriate preservation treatment will be performed before fragile materials are transferred to the Library Service Center. The facility's processing and storage procedures will include procedures to properly safeguard fragile and/or rare materials
  • Access to shelving areas is limited to facility staff
  • Visitors to Library Service Center processing and user areas will be supervised
  • Measures to safeguard the collection from theft, fire, water, UV light, and other damage will be strictly maintained


  • Items transferred to the Library Service Center will circulate under the same guidelines as when they were housed in the original library.
  • Materials are delivered to Fondren Library (or other selected service point) on the next business day (no weekends or University holidays) by 2pm, where they can be retrieved by the user.