Intro to GIS Data Management


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) enable users to visualize and analyze spatial information in a dynamic digital environment. This short course will introduce students to general GIS concepts and applications. Participants will become familiar with the ArcGIS Pro environment and will gain hands-on experience using ArcGIS Pro to create a GIS project utilizing a variety of data layers.


  • Fundamentals of GIS
  • Projections and coordinate systems
    • GIS project examples
    • Web-based GIS applications
  • Datasets, sources, and formats
  • ArcGIS Pro software
    • Opening a map document
    • Using the Tools toolbar for basic navigation
    • Arranging, symbolizing, and labeling data layers
    • Working with the attribute table
    • Creating selections
      • Select tool
      • Selecting in the attribute table
      • Select by attribute
      • Select by location
  • Exporting a selection into a new data layer
  • Creating choropleth (thematic color) maps
  • Creating a map layout
    • Setting up the layout, map frames
    • Inserting map objects (Legend, Scale bar, North arrow, Text)
    • Using the Layout toolbar for basic navigation
  • Saving and exporting a map layout
Fondren Library B43A
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