Reading, Annotating, Note-taking, and Drafting/Outlining with Zotero 6


Managing Your Citations with Zotero

Zotero 6 was released in March 2022, which was claimed as the biggest upgrade in Zotero’s history. This workshop will walk you through how to use the built-in PDF viewer and the new note editor, the two most exciting features of Zotero 6. Meanwhile, it helps you learn how you can use Zotero 6 as your all-in-one research application, which means to use it in your whole workflow of reading, annotating, note-taking, and drafting/outlining.

Specifically, the following topics will be covered:

  • how to use Zotero’s built-in PDF reader to mark up PDFs with highlights, notes, and image annotations
  • how to add annotations to Zotero notes with automatic citations
  • how to cite other items directly in notes
  • how to insert notes into your Word with active Zotero citations.
  • how to use the standalone note in a separate window for drafting/outlining.

Zotero Guide

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