Library Endowment Funds


Donations of $100,000 or more can be named endowments, in support of specific collections and Library facilities. Income from these named funds helps buy materials in general areas designated either by the donor or by Fondren Library. In each volume acquired with the revenue from the endowments, a bookplate identifies the endowment.


Akin, Alice Gray Sears Library Endowment Fund
Established in 1985 as a bequest from the estate of Alice Gray Sears Akin. Income for use in the Humanities

Allen, Robert Cyrus Fund
Established in 1953 with a gift from Florence Hermida in memory of her father for the purchase of periodicals in French and Spanish.

Anderson, Ralph A., Jr. Memorial Fund
Established in October 1990 with a bequest from Mr. Anderson's will and donations from friends and associates. Funds are to be used to purchase materials for Architecture.

Bartlett, Henry Leigh Fund
In 1969, Dr. Bartlett donated his Beethoven Collection to the Fondren, and the endowment fund later was established with a bequest from his estate. Revenues are to be used for purchasing Beethoven materials and more costly items; to subsidize lectures or demonstrations concerning Beethoven.

Bloomfield, Benjamin M. Book Fund
Established in 1995, the income to be annually used for the purchase of books.

Bronfman, Samual Book Fund in Judaic Studies
Established in 1993 to enhance the library holdings in Judaic Studies.

Brown, George R. Library Fund
Established in 1983 as a memorial to George R. Brown. The income from the fund is to be used to buy materials for engineering.

Carl, Mr. and Mrs. Emory Endowed Fund for the Liberal Arts
Established in 1986 by a donation by Mr. and Mrs. Carl. Income to be used to enhance the research collection with material whose acquisition would not be possible through the operating budget.

Cherry, Robert Foster Endowment Fund
Established by Robert Cherry in 1983 with the following stipulations: at least 75% of annual income used to acquire materials on American and European literature with emphasis on poetry; up to 25% may be spent to sponsor literary readings or lectures by well-known contemporary writers (at discretion of University librarian); under sponsorship of University Librarian, annual cash prizes may be awarded to Rice undergraduates in creative writing competitions in poetry and fiction.

Cook, Raymond & Florence Memorial Fund
Established in 1975. Income to be used at discretion of University Librarian to purchase library materials.

Cook Family Fund
Established in 1988. Income to be used to purchase library books for Fondren Library.

Daniels, Billy Ed Endowed Book Fund
Established in 1989 through donations received in memory of Billy Ed Daniels.

Daugherty, Ruth Memorial Fund
Established in 1968 by Helen E. Hurlock for the purchase of library materials.

Dawson, Frank M. and Betty G. Library Endowment for Chemical Engineering
Established in 1980 by their son to purchase books for chemical engineering.

Dean, Alice Crowell Endowment
Established in 1982 in memory of Alice Dean who was the first librarian at Rice. There are no restrictions on the use of the funds save on books.

Depenbrock, J.S. Fund
Established in 1987 with the funds to be used for the benefit of Fondren Library.

Ekeroot, Marilyn MacGregor Book Fund
Established in 1997 by Mr. Stig Ekeroot in memory of his wife. The funds are to be used to purchase books for Fondren Library.

Elder, James H. Jr. and Dee Speed Endowed Fund
Established in 1997 to benefit Fondren Library.

Endowment Fund for Special Collections
Established in 1999 by the Friends of Fondren Library. The endowment has been funded by the proceeds of the Friends of Fondren Gala/Auction. The revenues are to be used for the preservation and access of the Woodson Research Center as determined by the University Librarian.

Fay, Catherine Goodrich Book Fund
Established in 1990 by Kay and Gus Schill. The annual income to be used to purchase books which will enhance the Fondren's collection.

(Lovett, H.M.) Friends of Fondren Endowment
Originally established in 1976 by Mr. & Mrs. H. Malcolm Lovett. The endowment has been supplemented both by a variety of donations and the proceeds of the Friends of Fondren Gala/Auction (through 1998). The revenues are to be used to purchase library materials.

Gehret, Adele Cambeilh and Charles Arthur Book Fund
Established in 1999, by Marguerite G. Johnston in memory of her parents. The endowment will support acquisition of a special collection of books for the Fondren Library.

Halford, Margery A. Endowment
Established in 1983. Income is to be used for the purchase of keyboard materials for the Music Library.

Hamilton, Charles W. Memorial Library Endowment
Established in 1972. The income is to be used to purchase materials in the fields of ornithology, philosophy, or 19th century European History.

Harrison, Oliver and Beatrice Unsworth Book Fund
This fund was established in 1997 from the estate of Miss Beatrice Harrison, Class of 1926. The income may be used to purchase books or recordings in any field.

Hispanic Studies
Established in 1992 by Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Kauffmann. The income will be used exclusively to enhance the Hispanic language and literature collection.

Hobby Foundation Endowment
Established in 1998 at the bequest of Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby. The endowment was established to support library operations, and has been designated by the Library in support of new faculty and academic programs, as well as for general enhancement of Library collections.

Jahn, EC Architectural Library Endowment Fund
Established in 2011 to provide support for the architectural library collection.

Jewett, Charles F. & Lillian K. Library Fund
Established in 1968 with a donation from Robert K. Jewett. Income to be spent on books.

Johnston, Mary Elizabeth Endowed Book Fund
Established by her heirs in 1989 to benefit the Fondren Library.

Johnston, Winifred Graham Memorial Fund for English Literature
Established in 1980 by her daughter Mary Elizabeth Johnston. Income to be used for purchases in English literature.

Jones, Roderick Architecture Collection Fund
Established in 1986. The revenues of this endowment are to be used for architecture materials.

Jungman, J. Frank Memorial Fund
Established in 1973 in memory of J. Frank Jungman. No restrictions on use of funds except to buy books.

Keating, Pat & May Library Fund
Established in 1994. To provide for the acquisisition of books and recordings in Fondren Library.

Kelley, Edward Watson Collection Fund
Established in 1968, interest from which was to used as follows: prior to 1975 on American History; from 1975 scope may be broadened within History.

Killgore, Frederica Endowment for Reference
Established in 1981 from the estate of Frederica Killgore. While the will does not restrict the use of funds (except for use by the Fondren), the Board approved establishing the "Endowment for Reference."

Kobayashi Library Fund
Activated in 2006. To provide general support to Fondren Library's Woodson Research Center.

Lackner Endowment for Woodson Research Center
Established in 1999. To provide funds for the Woodson Research Center.

Lacy, Harold M., Jr. Memorial Fund for Library Programs
Established in 1988 by Harold M. Lacy, Sr. Annual income to be used to purchase materials in chemical engineering.

LaMotta, Tommie Grace Mansfield Book Fund
Established in 2011. To provide funds for the purchase of books in Fondren Library.

Lappala, Christopher L. Architecture Book Fund
Established in 2002.

Lear, Floyd Seyward Bequest
Established in 1980 in a bequest from Mrs. Elsi Mann Lear in memory of her husband. The income generated is to be devoted to the acquisition of monographs in history.

Littauer, Lucius N. Judaica Book Fund
Established in March 1993. The interest is to be used in perpetuity for the acquisition of Judaica and Hebraica.

Loewenheim, Francis L. Library Endowment
Established in 1999 from the estate of this Rice faculty member. To benefit Fondren Library.

Louis, Andrew Endowed Fund for Germanic Studies
Established in 1981 in memory of Dr. Andrew Louis by Dr. John Loomis (a former student). Funds are to be spent for Germanic Studies materials.

Lovett, Henry Malcolm Endowment Fund for the Fondren Library
Established in 1983 by Eliza Lovett Randall in honor of her father. The income is to be used to benefit the Fondren Library.

McElroy, William Addison Family Fund
Established in February 1992 by members of the McElroy family in memory of W.A. McElroy. The fund is to be used to acquire books in the areas of architecture, horticulture and landscape architecture, poetry and the history of World War II.

McKillop, Alan and Lorel Endowed Book Fund
Established in 1990 by Doris Lee Schild, a former student of Dr. McKillop. There is no restriction on the use of the funds.

Montz, Ted Endowed Fund
Established in 1991 by the heirs of Ted Montz (a 1952 graduate from Rice with a degree in architecture). The interest from the endowment is to be used to purchase materials for Fondren in art and architecture.

Morrow, Kyle W. Memorial Room Maintenance Fund
Income from this fund is to be used to maintain and refurbish the Kyle Morrow Room.

Paxson, Marjorie B. Endowment for Fondren Library
Established in 1986 by Marjorie Paxson (Class of '44). The interest is to be used to purchase materials in the area of public affairs.

Peden, Edward A. Library Research Material Fund
Established in 1957 by Mrs. Cora Peden in memory of her husband, a former trustee. The income is to be spent for historical research material.

Powell , George and Ann Memorial Fund
Established in 1993 from the estate of Ann Martha Powell. Income is undesignated.

Quillian, Dr. P, Endowed Fund
Established 1975. To be used to purchase religious books at Fondren Library.

Rodell, Elizabeth Goodson Fund
Established in 1993 by Fannie Hall Leslie in memory of Rodell (a member of the Fondren Library staff). Income is designated for literature or art, and is limited to acquisitions that otherwise would not be budgeted.

Rossini, Frederick D. & Anne L. Library Fund
Established 1991. The income is to be used for the acquisition of books and journals in the Chemical Sciences.

Shapiro Library Staff Innovation Award
Established in 1995 in honor of Dr. Beth Shapiro, Director of Fondren Library. The income is to be used to foster and recognize staff innovation.

Shiffick, Peggy Collection for Environmental Studies
Established 1995. To provide financial support for the purchase of environmental studies materials for the Fondren Library.

Shiffick Endowment for Scholarly Materials
Established in 1999. To provide financial assistance to Fondren Library. Funds shall be expended for faculty or staff travel to foreign destinations for the purpose of studying foreign or rare materials, the acquisition of foreign or rare materials not readily available in the U.S. Also to enhance faculty and program support.

Society of Rice University Women Endowment for Fondren Library
Interest from the SRUW endowment designated for use by the Woodson Center in 1985; the fund originally established in 1984.

Strange, Annie Ray Watkin Hoagland Endowment for the Archives of William Marsh Rice University
To provide financial support for the archives program of Rice. Such funds shall be used for, but not limited to, the acquisition, preservation and maintenance of Rice's archives. Established in 2003.

Underwood, Peter Fondren Endowed Fund for Fondren Library
Established in 1961 by David Underwood in memory of his brother. The income is to be used to purchase rare materials that become available for purchase from time to time.

Waggaman Sisters Fund
Established in 1972 as a bequest from the estate of Adele Waggaman. The income shall be used for the purchase of books .

Whightsel, David McNeill Endowed Fund for Humanities
Established in 1984 by Mrs. Florence McNeill Whightsel in memory of her son. Income to be used for purchases in the humanities

Williams, Willoughby Claiborne Endowed Book Fund
Established in 1977 by the family of Mr. Williams. Interest is to be spent on materials for the Jones School (finance, investments, planning and strategy).

Wister, Owen Literary Society (O.W.L.S.)
Established 1992. To purchase books for the Fondren Library.

Woodring, Carl Ray and Mary Ellis Library Endowment
Established in 2011.   Funds shall be used for rare and special collections for the Woodson Research Center, creating post-doctoral opportunities for research using the Woodson Research Center, and other items at the discretion of the Vice Provost and University Librarian.

Woodring, Library Book Fund
Established in 2011. Income of the Fund is to be used to purchased books in English literature.

Woodson, Pender Turnbull Research Center Endowment Fund
Established in 1982 in memory of Pender Turnbull who was a librarian at Rice. The income is designated for the purchase of books and manuscripts for the Woodson Research Center.

Wright, John H. Fund
Established in 1981 by Mr. Wright, an alumnus of Rice.

Zingler, Gilberta
Established in 2001, in memory of Gilberta Zingler, a long-time member of the Fondren Library staff.


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