DMC Multipurpose Room B42F


Multipurpose Room


Multipurpose Room
  • The room dimension is 18'x26'.
  • 6 tables that seat 2 each. In addition, there are 6 stackable chairs. The maximum capacity is 18.
  • A teaching podium with an iMac, a 72" display with resolution of 1920x1080, and a DVD player.
  • 1 mobile white board.

Can be Used For:

  • small workshops (sponsored by the DMC or other campus organizations)
  • collaborative research
  • group meetings
  • presentation practice, and so forth. 
  • To maximize its availability, we do not schedule this space for semester long classes.

Who Can Use:

The DMC Multipurpose Room can be used by Rice faculty, students and staff.

Available Times:

The DMC Multipurpose Room is available for booking during the DMC open hours.

How to Book:

  • Reservations are up to 4 hours and can be made a month in advance. 
  • Email to reserve