Accessibility Services

Fondren strives to make the library accessible to all its users.

For the most recent updates or if you have any questions, contact the Access Services department at 713-348-4021

(Please also see the Fondren Accessibility Tips Research Guide.)

Accessibility Services

  • retrieving items from the stacks for those with limited vision or limited mobility,
  • wheelchair for use in the library (check at Circulation)
  • making digital or paper copies of documents for those with visual impairments (in collaboration with the Disability Support Services Office). For assistance in copying library materials, ask at Circulation. For requesting interlibrary loan materials, please either note the accessibility issue on the ILLIAD request form to clarify the preferred format, or contact Document Delivery (ILL) directly at 713-348-2284,
  • proxy borrowing if making a trip to the library is challenging,
  • extended loan periods for those with identified needs,
  • reference assistance, individual instruction, or individual tours. Tours are not currently offered; email for help.
  • Online Resources -

To access these services or for more information about any service, please contact Circulation (phone 713-348-4021;

The committee also maintains an Accessibility Tips Research Guide.


Accessible features of Fondren Library (map

  • entrances
  • elevators
  • restrooms (basement, 1st, 2nd, & 6th floors)
  • study areas
  • stacks (basement and 1st floor with access for small wheel chairs on 2nd floor)
  • computers and desks
  • drinking fountains
  • magnifying sheets at public service points (Reference Desk, Circulation Desk, Government Information Desk, DMC Information Desk, BIC Reference Desk)
  • amplified public phone (control on receiver) on 1st floor next to Custodial Rm. 114 near elevator B)
  • strobe/audible fire alarms