Rice University's Archived Websites - Archive-IT

Service Description

Access dozens of Rice University's websites from the past. The Archive-IT service automatically archives past versions of campus websites since July 2007.

Rice subscribes to the Archive-It web archiving solution hosted by the Internet Archive. The main Rice websites are crawled regularly, including the links on the web pages, to capture the latest content. Different pages are crawled/archived at different frequencies; For example the Rice home page is crawled daily. For other Rice pages made available online at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

After six months, the crawled pages go into the Wayback Machine for viewing by anyone on the web. The last six months though not publicly available can be accessed by authorized library personnel. Rice began actively managing this service in 2007 (before that only random pages were archived). This service is paid for by the Fondren Library and Rice Central IT.

The top level home page www.rice.edu is set to be captured daily, other Rice sites are set to be captured weekly or quarterly. Specific "seed" urls are set by Fondren staff at appropriate capture frequencies with set levels of link-following from those pages so that linked content is captured as well. These settings can be changed as needed.  Please contact Amanda Focke with any questions.