Intro to Rice’s Private Cloud Computing (ORION) and Rice’s Private Storage (the RDF)




Rice has its own cloud computing service. If you need more computing than your laptop can provide, or an intermittent job that needs a server behind the firewall, we provide virtual machines that can help you do medium-sized computing jobs in a flexible environment. Come to this workshop to learn more about Rice's virtual machines / private cloud computing farm.

Are you keeping your research data on an external hard disk (or ten of them in your filing cabinet)? Rice Research Computing provides a networked storage service, protected behind the firewall, that provides you with fast and safe access to your research data, whether to store it in the medium term, to ship it in or off campus, or to run tasks over it. Come to this workshop to learn how to store and use your research data better and in a more scalable way.

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Please contact if you have questions about the Data@Rice workshop series.

Fondren Library Basement B43A (Collaboration Space)
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