Friends of Fondren Library

The Friends of Fondren Library (FoFL), founded in 1950, is dedicated to stimulating growth in library resources and facilities for the 21st century. The Friends seeks to heighten community and alumni interest in Fondren Library and to support academic programs at Rice University by funding library collections and facilities.

Membership comes with benefits, including borrowing privileges for a year, advance notice of lectures and events, and more. Benefits in full, and information on becoming a member is available online.

2021-2022 Board of Directors Officers

Board of Directors Ex-Officio Emeriti

Natalye Appel

Victor Benavides

Walter Mark Buehler

Barbara D. Byrd, J.D.

Virginia A. Clark, Ph.D.

Julie Gianelloni Connor

Malinda Russek Crain

John P. Dennis, III

Clare H. Doyle

Julie Fette, Ph.D.

Zachary Foster

Barbara J. Gibbs, M.D.

Ann Patton Greene

Clare W. Jackson

Catherine James

Jessica Keithan

Barry Leavitt

Laura Leavitt

Mary McIntire, Ph.D. 

Wanda Pan

Bob Parkey

Steve Patterson

Jack Pendergrast

Susan Pilat

James C. Roberts

Travis Roberts

Melinda L. Snell

Robert M. Taylor, Jr.

Laura C. Turley

Kristine G. Wallace, Ph.D.

Susan Trammell Whitfield

Don M. Woo


Amy K. Dittmar, Ph.D

Sara Lowman

Cymene Howe, Ph.D.

Peter Loewen, Ph.D.

Mary Lowery

Texas B. Anderson, Ph.D.

W. Robins Brice

Debby F. Crabtree

Elizabeth Gillis

Harriet Calvin Latimer

Charles D. Maynard, Jr.

John Ribble, M.D.

Karen Hess Rogers

Cathryn Rodd Selman

Lee Chatham Seureau

Amy Taylor

Mary Ellen Wilson

John E. Wolf, Jr., M.D., M.A.


Friends of Fondren Creator Recognition

Each year, the Friends of Fondren Library celebrates Rice faculty, staff, alumni, and FoFL members who have either authored a book, edited a published journal, composed a major musical work, or mounted a one-person art show the prior year. A researched list of creators and their titles are read and recognized at this event.

Additionally, the 2022 event, held in the library’s Kyle Morrow Room, recognized the authors of three recent books: Jacqueline Couti, the Laurence H. Favrot Professor of Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures, wrote “Sex, Sea, and Self: Sexuality and Nationalism in French Caribbean Discourses 1924-1948.” Rachel Kimbro, dean of the School of Social Sciences, the Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences and professor of sociology, wrote “In Too Deep: Class and Mothering in a Flooded Community.” And Christopher Sperandio, associate professor of painting and drawing, wrote “Greenie Josephenie.” These three creators discussed their work in a moderated panel format focused on “Family Curators, Critics of Patriarchal Imperialism, and Green Superheroes: Writing about Women across the Disciplines.”

More details on the event can be found online.

Thank You to Faculty and Speakers at Events